BIS Basketball Tournament at AIS

BIS Basketball Tournament at AIS

The BIS basketball team is formed of 10 students:

ยท        Marco

ยท        Idung

ยท        Chike

ยท        Timi

ยท        Sisan

ยท        Justin

ยท        Gabriel

ยท        Anjola

ยท        Odun

ยท        Omimi

BIS team arrived at AIS where the tournament was held, just in time for the warm ups. 

Chike the team captain was leading the training for his team. They started with stretches as normal. 

Then he asked each of them to do some setups so the warm up was complete.

Our first match was against AIS, and BIS team won.

This match was incredible for the first match it was not that bad but they had to play in the tennis court 

where they divided it into a basketball court. As we started our team was playing defensively blocking 

passes and defending from opponent scoring. Then we took the match in our hands and we finished up beating them 10-9.

On our second match we won against Effort wheel.

The third match was a friendly against Dansol.

Our forth match was with Dewaterman college, we won there too.

We arrive to the finals against Dansol. It was a great match but we lost.

At the end we came second in the entire tournament out of eight teams!

Our great coach who helped BIS team was Miss. Kate  

Sisan won all-star team player for BIS.

Chike was our team captain and he went up to get our trophy.

Well done!