Year 9 Wedding Project 2014


The year nine wedding project presentation that took place on Friday the 21st of March was a blast. The whole points of the presentation was to show our parents what exactly what we were learning in R.E Class. There were a variety of weddings, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh.

The wedding took place in turns, the auditorium (New Horizons) where the wedding took place was transformed into a magical place each stand for each wedding was beautifully decorated. Every single year 9 student took part, even though not everybody got married. Other people were mothers, fathers, flowers, assistant priests, priest and even an umbrella boy. Each wedding started with a bride walking down the aisle accompanied by a mother or father depending on the religion with music from the religions.

After all the weddings had been presented a mini reception took place at the back of New Horizons where there was plenty to eat and drink. We all had a lot of fun, we danced and talked. We all took pictures with our cake and a full picture with Mrs. Bodude who was behind it all. It a real success.

By Thara Ahmed-Sule 9B

The Wedding Project was interesting and beautiful. The hall was transformed into a beautiful place. Everybody performed very well. The Christian Wedding was first followed by the Muslim, then the Hindu Wedding, after that was the Sikh Wedding and then the Jewish Wedding. After the Christian and Muslim Wedding, there w as the Hindu dance which I participated in, before the Hindu Wedding, the people that performed in the dance were Janet, Torise, Makkie, Oluchi, Habiba, Abiola, Hannah, Ehinomen and I. 

The dance was really nice. A lot of people enjoyed it. Then there was the Hindu Wedding and then the Sikh Wedding and after that the Jewish Wedding. My wedding was a Sikh Wedding. I got married to Paul and we were the last Sikh Couple. Alessia and Adeoba were the last Jewish Couple and after that, there was the reception. They are a lot of things that happened that I can’t put in words. It was really a day to remember. I thank God and Mrs Bodude for giving us this opportunity.   

By Nneka Audu-Ohwavborua 9V