Year 10 History Trip to the Akintola Williams Annual Lecture

On Thursday the 6th of February, the Year 10 History students attended The Akintola Williams Annual Lecture at the Muson Centre's Agip Recital Hall titled, 'Nigeria and Britain: From the Protectorate to Partnership'.

The lecture was delivered by Mr. Odein Ajumogobia, the former Minister of Petroleum and Foreign Affairs and Mr. Peter Carter, the British Deputy High Commissioner.

The lecture was quite beneficial to us, as it gave us an insight into the history of Nigeria and how we rose from being a colony of Britain to one of Britain's key partners.

We learnt that the modernisation of Nigeria was highly influenced by Britain. This can be seen in our sports, educational opportunities, health sector, transportation, system of government and the professions we have in Nigeria.

Nigeria also influenced Britain and created the pathway for other African countries to pursue a business relationship with Britain.

We also learnt about the disagreements Nigeria and Britain had at the beginning of their partnership, and how they overcame them through negotiations.

The lecture was a wonderful opportunity for us and we learnt a lot about our country and its relationship with Britain. 

By Oluwaseunfunmi Onalaja Year 10S

Click here to see photos of the lecture.