AIS Invitational Boys and Girls Basketball report

On Monday 3rd February BIS was invited to AIS to take part in a basketball friendly match. 

Girls Report provided by Camille Mariot Year 10

When we arrived at AIS we warmed up inside where we were to play. Our team members included myself, Mariam Oniru, Maria Arismendi, Olaedo Okafor, Sonia Bendre, Ariel Bru, Oprah Kajeguhakwa and Ehionomen Oko-Oboh. 
The BIS team were really motivated to win by Miss Kate and Camille. During the 1st part of the game BIS performed well. Tiredness however set in during the middle part of the game.

Maria scored the only 3pt shot of the game. She was free in space when the other teams were being marked so she was force to take the shot. Everyone was amazed when it went in. Sonia's speed and passing helped the team, as she provided the other girls with the opportunity to score. Camille made two 2pt shots will skill and Ariel's defensive skills were on show as she intercepted many of the passes towards the end of the match. 

The BIS Girls went away proudly with in the 31-17 defeat, knowing they had tried their best. 

Boys Report provided by Andrew Perry Year 11

Every team has to deal with loses and that is what we had to do on Monday. 

The BIS team consisted of : Andrew Perry, Mohammed Musa, Rasak Olugbode, Olagoke Tegbe, Daniel Onaolapo, Tofarati Eso, Chike Onyia and Sisan Tuedor. 

The BIS team found it hard to mark their AIS counterparts as they were much fitter and organised. Their strong defense made it difficult for the BIS team to breakthrough, however Andrew, Chike and Mohammed made the shots to secure the points.  Unfortunately BIS lost 30-8. 

The team are going to move forward by utilising this opportunity to get on form and boost team morale. A few more hours and higher intensity training is all we need to prevail in the future.