BIS Principal's Newsletter 15th May 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Every year, a number of candidates from schools around the country are awarded an Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for excellence in individual subjects at IGCSE. These awards are highly prized indeed and we are delighted to announce that four awards have been made this year to BIS students. This really is a marvellous achievement which reflects very well on both the students and our teachers. We congratulate the following individuals:

Juliet Obuseh                          Art and Design

Chimdi Okoye                         First Language English (Oral Endorsement)

Sidhant Bendre                       Geography

Sidhant Bendre                       Physics

Certificates will be awarded at a special ceremony to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel on Friday of this week.

We are very proud of all of these students.

Sporting Victories for BIS

Last weekend a number of sporting events took place.

Seven schools competed in a basketball tournament held at the Lebanese International School. We are delighted to report that BIS came first in the tournament and congratulate all those involved.

Two teams travelled last Saturday to Temple School on the Mainland for a friendly football match. Both teams were victorious winning four goals to nil in each case.

For a relatively small school our teams perform very well, often against much larger school and we appreciate the dedication and commitment of both players and coaches.

Water Bottles

A further reminder following our message sent last Friday that students bringing water bottles into school may only bring transparent containers. Equally, water is the only drink to be brought onto the campus from outside. This rule will be rigidly enforced.


While Years 11 and 12 are now in the midst of their main written papers, those in Years 7-10 need to be aware that our internal examinations are just around the corner in June. These examinations are promotional examinations and are a key determinant in our decision as to whether students are promoted to the next year. Therefore thorough preparation should start now and certainly be part of the half term programme.


With best wishes for a pleasant week ahead,

Yours sincerely,

Howard Bullock.