BIS Principal's Newsletter 26th September 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

A new week begins at BIS. As you will see below we have a busy time ahead with a number of key events taking place. 

New Parents' Coffee Morning
A reminder to parents of students who have joined the school this term that we invite them to a coffee morning this Wednesday, 28th September. This will begin at 8.15 am and the venue will be New Horizons, our main assembly hall as we are anticipating a large number of people. As well as presentations from the Senior Management Team, Mrs Alagbada, our PTA Chairperson will also talk about the work of the organisation. There will also be ample opportunity to meet less formally over coffee and refreshments.

Sixth Form Presentation
As you may know, we have begun a Sixth Form programme at BIS offering a choice between traditional CIE 'A' Level examinations and a foundation programme offered through a UK based consortium NCUK. We would like to give advance notice of a Sixth Form information afternoon for interested parents and students. This will take place on Monday 17th October at 2.45 pm. Our new Sixth Form students have made a very good start and although small in number will be the pioneers of a successful post sixteen programme.

National Day
We will be celebrating the anniversary of Nigeria's independence this Friday. Students are asked to wear national dress and during the afternoon we will celebrate the diverse history and culture of Nigeria. There will be a levy of 500 Naira for not having to wear school uniform on that day with the proceeds being given to charitable causes.
At the time of writing we have not heard officially whether an extra day's holiday will be called, given that October 1st falls on a Saturday this year. However, should such a holiday be called, the school will not open on that day.

CAT4 Testing
Over the next week or so, students in Key Stage 3 will undergo a CAT4 test. This is a test which is designed to analyse aptitude and preferred learning styles. Separate user-friendly reports will be generated for parents, students and teachers alike. The data provided will be a key part of determining learning and teaching needs as well as enabling the school to calculate its 'value added' contribution.

School Calendar
Our Registrar will be sending the highlights of this separately, but I would equally ask you to put the following dates in your diary:
Friday 14th October House Charity Cross Country Competition
Wednesday 19th October PTA Annual General Meeting
Friday 21st October Parent Teacher Conference
Friday 11th November Sports Day
Wednesday 14th December School Production

The BIS Basics
Our assemblies this term so far have been based around a five point code of ethics which we are calling the BIS Basics. These are a simple set of ideas, which if applied will enable our students to become good learners and also good citizens. I share these with you as they are a key point of focus for the whole community.
At BIS we expect our students to:
1. Be inquisitive, keen to learn and determined to achieve high academic standards.
2. Be involved in a wide range of co-curricular activities and be prepared to try new things outside their comfort zone.
3. Be courteous and considerate to all members of their school family.
4. Be aware of the needs of their local community, the wider world and be prepared to make a difference to both.
5. Be prepared to give of their best at all times.

Co-Curricular Activity
All students at BIS are required to take part in a minimum of one co-curricular activity each week. A number of students have still not made their choices and I have asked all form tutors to ensure compliance. I ask all families to discuss this issue at home. Checking of co-curricular involvement will be rigorous as the term progresses.

Presentation of Work
In your ward's homework diary, you will find a brief document outlining how work in exercise books should be presented. We ask that you review each student's exercise books on a regular basis with the aim of celebrating success and giving encouragement where improvement is needed. Exercise books are regularly scrutinised by our Senior Management Team and a high standard of work is expected.

With best wishes for a pleasant and positive week ahead,
Yours sincerely,

Howard Bullock.