BIS Principal's Newsletter 8th February 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This term is not particularly long and we are already at the half way point, as our mid-term break begins on Friday. We wish all members of the school family a pleasant break, although for those facing public examinations in May, rigorous study should be at the top of the agenda.

IGCSE Payment Deadline
A brief reminder that the deadline for paying the registration fees for this year's IGCSE examinations is today. If payment is not made on time, there is an increase in the fee levied by CIE.

Outstanding School Fees
While the majority of school fees have been paid for this term, they are outstanding in a number of cases. We ask that, in cases of difficulty, parents come to discuss this with us and that once payment has been made, we receive proof of this so that a receipt can be issued.

Non- Uniform Day and Discos
This Thursday (11th February) will be a non-uniform day. Students not in uniform on that day are asked to pay 500 Naira for the privilege, the proceeds of which will go to charitable causes.
Please note also the timings for the discos to be held on that day:
Years 7-9                     1.45- 4.00 pm
Years 10 & 11             6.00 - 9.00 pm
The entry fee for the discos is also 500 Naira.

Student Formal Dinner
We give formal notice that our PTA Executive has organised a formal dinner for students, which will take place during the evening of Saturday 27th February. More details will be published later.

Science Projects
A reminder that all students in Years 7-9 wishing to participate in this programme must submit their feasibility study to Mr Akinrinade by Wednesday of this week (10th February).

Health Information Forms
We will be sending a reminder letter to those families which have not yet updated our student medical records. We ask that this is completed as soon as possible. Our nurses need up to date information to ensure that the very best treatment is given in cases of illness or injury.
With very best wishes for the week ahead,
Howard Bullock.