BIS Principal's Newsletter 27th November 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The past week has been quite a quiet one, with Years 7 to 10 busy in New Horizons writing their end of term examinations. I hope very much that the results will be encouraging and look forward to sharing them with you at our end of term parents' morning on Friday December 11th. The most important part of analysing any examination result is what it says about the need for further improvement and how students can set about it.

End of School Traffic
On Thursday we began using the rear gate of the campus just past the girls' boarding hostels as students depart in the afternoon. This will now be the main departure gate in the afternoons and we hope that this will improve traffic flow and most importantly the safety of our students at this busy time of the day. Please note that the gate will be open from 2.30 until 4.30 pm daily from Monday to Friday. We ask that parents transporting students other than their own children show the relevant exit pass to the security guards on duty.

Entrance and Scholarship Examinations
We are pleased to have welcomed an increasing number of prospective parents onto the campus over the past week with a view to their children seeking admission at BIS for September 2016. I would like to remind you that dates for the entrance examinations are 16th January 2016 for those seeking a scholarship and that entrance examinations will also be held here at the school on 23rd January 2016 and 12th March 2016.

Boarders' Dinner
Tomorrow evening sees our annual Boarders' Dinner which begins at 6.30 pm in New Horizons. This is always a highlight of our calendar and I very much enjoyed watching our talented boarders rehearse their entertainment in preparation for the evening.

Fun Day
Our PTA Committee is finalising all of the arrangements for Fun Day on Saturday 5th December. They have asked me to make the following reminders:

The Committee is looking forward to receiving any outstanding family contributions of 10,000 Naira as previously circulated.
Any parents wishing to take up a stall on the day should call 0803 305 4444 to make the necessary arrangements.
All tombola items in the form of packets, tins and bottles will be very welcome.

A lot of hard work has gone into organising this events and we look forward to seeing you on the day.

With very best wishes for a pleasant weekend,
Howard Bullock