BIS Newsletter 10th November 2015


Sports'  Day 
We are all looking forward to Sports' day next Friday 13th November. Parents are welcome to come along and support students throughout the day which will commence at 8.30am. 

Exam Week
Exams will run between 23 and 27 November. Students will receive their specific timetable very shortly. It is really important that the students arrive on time in the morning as the timetable will not permit catch up time at the end of the exams.

PTA Fun Day 
The Annual PTA Fun Day will take place on the 5th December 2015 and the PTA would like to invite parents to participate and contribute to the event if they are able to. Each class has a class rep who will be contacting parents to see how they can help. If you do not wish to be contacted please let us know.  
The PTA is also requesting for students to donate prizes for the Tombola. 
Next week w/c 9th November the PTA will be collecting Cans and Tins.
W/c 16th November the PTA will be collecting Packets and Boxes.
W/c 23rd November the PTA will be collecting Bottles.

P.T.A Annual General Meeting
Several issues were raised at the meeting this morning that the P.T.A and staff would like to bring to the attention of all parents and students.

The main issues being:

Boys' Hair
It was mentioned that Boys' hair has become so long. So much so, that Mr Okosodo dropped two envelopes full of combs on the table to demonstrate that too much hair needed to be combed.
It was recommended that boys go for a decent reasonable cut. However, it was accepted that, sometimes, it is difficult to know what is considered as 'long'. Ms. Bain mentioned that, as a possible indication, when you place your finger on your head, your hair must not cover the finger. If the hair covers the finger your hair will be deemed to be too long and will not be acceptable.

Lateness to school
Tardiness is still a serious concern and it is frequently the same students who are late each day. Students need to be in registration to ensure they receive all the information required for that day. Parents were advised to check students' homework diaries to see if they were late to school.

Phones and Valuables
Parents were reminded that phones are not permitted in school. 
Lockers are allocated to each students and students are required to lock things inside. 
They need to bring suitable padlocks and at the same time be organised enough so that things can fit in their lockers. Students should not bring unnecessary items to school. 
Phones brought to school without permission will be held by Mr. Okosodo until the end of the session when Parents will be invited to collect them.