BIS Principal's Message - 4th July 2015

4th July 2015 
Dear Parents, Students, Colleagues and Friends of BIS,
Sitting in my office on a very quiet Saturday morning, most unusual for BIS, I have a few 
hours to organise my thoughts before enjoying my last experience of Lagos traffic on my way 
to the airport.
Leaving is always a bitter sweet experience as you look back and look forward. I can 
honestly say I have enjoyed my three years here at BIS and if I have had a positive impact on 
one of the children you so kindly entrusted me with it was all worthwhile. Of course I hope 
that I have had a slightly greater impact but the sentiment remains the same.
As Frank Sinatra said, I did it my way, not always with the agreement of everybody but never 
without support as we all had the same thing in mind creating a better tomorrow.
The students at BIS are the best I have ever worked with, completely mad but in a most 
delightful way, and I will miss them and many others who have contributed to the growth of 
the school.
My last weeks have been busy with successes in the Microsoft Competition, various debates 
in school at which our students have always shone and the mad rush, or so it always seems, to 
the end of another school year. Having been through this 38 times I wonder if I am a glutton 
for punishment or a slow learner. Joking aside, which many of you know is quite difficult for 
me, I love working with young people who want to learn and thanks to them I retain the same 
enthusiasm, if not the same stamina, as I did when starting my career so many years ago. 
Evidence of the lack of stamina being my utter failure to contribute usefully to the football 
match held in my honour a week or so ago. 
Lots of events have been held in my honour over recent weeks and I can only thank you all 
for the very kind send off. Sarah and I have been must touched by the depth of feeling people 
have shown for us. I do believe that should, and they will, BIS students grasp the levers of 
industry and power here in Nigeria the nation has a great future. We had a brief glimpse of 
the future when Phillipa Osakwe one of our pioneer students presented the prizes last 
week and spoke most eloquently to the student body. I believe that Phillipa and her fellow 
students who have been so successful are merely the vanguard of the advance of BIS and 
So Sarah and I bid you farewell for the last time, we will be in Malawi but there will always 
be a place in our hearts for all associated with the BIS family, and thus my last words as 
Principal of this great school are directed at the most important people in this school­ the 
If is to be it is up to me!
Very best wishes to you all
Peter Yates