Admission procedure for 6th Form


Thank you very much for the enquiry regarding the British International School. 

The Admission process to BIS is as follows:

Step 1: Complete the Application

All applicants must submit the following information and payment in order to complete an application for admission to BIS.

A completed application form
A copy of the student's birth certificate
The last school report / mock report
Grades or Predicted Grades at IGCSE/ GCSE
A reference from their current school 
Completed 6th form option form - Students have the choice of opting for 4 A-levels 
Payment of 25,000 Naira application fee

Note: The Registrar's Office will not accept an incomplete application. All the application documents are required before the application can proceed to Step 2. 

Step 2: Assessment

All applicants to BIS must complete an entrance exam.

For entry into Year 12 students are required to sit an assessment and have an interview with the Principal. 

Special arrangements for the entrance examinations and interview may be made for overseas applicants.

Step 3: Admission Decision

The decision to admit students to BIS is based on the results of the entrance exams and previous academic achievements, with the final decision made by the Principal. The final admission decision will be conveyed to the parents, by the Registrar's Office, as soon as possible.

Step 4: Once you are admitted.....

To secure a place at BIS parents are requested to submit the acceptance form and the acceptance fee. 

BIS Sixth Form School Fees

Tuition fees per annum - 2 million Naira.

Tuition and boarding fees per annum - 3 million Naira.