The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is a programme available for Year 10 students in BIS wishing to strive for personal enhancement and improve their resumes. It is the world's leading youth achievement award, equipping young people for life and work.

The Bronze Award programme available has four sections designed to provide a balanced programme of personal development.

The four sections are: Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and the Adventurous Journey. 

The Service section of the Award encourages young people to volunteer their time to and understand the benefits of this service to their community.

The Skills section aims to encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills.Participants may either take up a completely new activity or seek to improve their ability in an activity that they already do.

The Physical Recreation section of the Award encourages young people to participate in sport and other physical recreation for the improvement of health and fitness.

The Adventurous Journey section aims to encourage a spirit of adventure whilst undertaking a journey in a group.This section seeks to provide participants with a unique, challenging and memorable experience. 

The journey, with an agreed purpose, should be undertaken in a small team in an unfamiliar environment, requiring determination, physical effort, perseverance and cooperation to complete.

At BIS we train for the Adventurous Journey in Nigeria and have it assessed in the United Kingdom.

This exciting endeavour is conducted in a safe and secure environment to promote pupils striving for excellence and push their own boundaries. 

Some activities in the award programme include: 

-First Aid training for all students taking part

-Camping preparation - Erecting tents 

-Camping Preparation - Learning to cook outdoors 


-Navigation using maps and compasses

Last year 17 students completed the adventurous journey expedition.

Click here to find pictures of the last expedition and Post Expedition report.

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